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Bradshaw Bennett.

Pest Control Insurance.

Q - Do I need Employers’ Liability Insurance?

A: This may depend on the type of business you are operating: -


Sole Trader – you will need Employers’ Liability if you employ any other person in the business.


Partnership – you will need Employers Liability insurance if anyone else is employed in the business other than you or your partner.


Limited Company – All persons in the business including Directors are classed as employees and as such you will need Employers Liability Insurance.  The exception being if you are sole Director owning at least 50% of the shares and no-one else works in the business; in these circumstances the cover is not a requirement.   


If your business utilises any casual labour the Employers’ Liability Insurance is required.

Q: Am I covered for Work Experience placements?


A: Should you accept any person under a work experience placement then the cover is automatically included as long as your business has Employers’ Liability Insurance in place. If not then you will need to contact us to arrange temporary cover. The additional cost will be around £15 depending on the length of the placement.

Q: Does the policy include Indemnity to Principals cover?


A: Yes cover is included as standard.


Q: Does the policy allow for the use of firearms and/or shooting?


A:  Yes cover is automatically included without any inner limits or restrictions.


Q: Is there any height limit in the policy?


A: There is no height limit in the policy, however we do need to pre-approve those working in excess of 25 metres.


Q: Does the policy include Contractual Liability?       


A: Yes cover is included automatically.


Q: Is there any additional benefit for BPCA full members?


Yes for full members of the BPCA the limits for Financial Loss and Professional Indemnity are increased to £1,000,000 and the tools and equipment cover is increased to £1,500.


Q: Can we offer cover for Hired in Plant?


A: Although we can arrange an annual policy for hired in plant, where the annual hire changes are less than £2,500 it will be more cost effective to take out the cover with the hirer on a per hire basis. 


Q: Can we offer Motor Insurance?


A:  We are only able to offer insurance for Motor Fleets requiring cover for 3 or more company vehicles.

Frequently Asked Questions

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